Offers: maths tutoring, hair cut,web design, basic housework,bass guitar lessons, bicycle repairs, bookkeeping, Bowen Technique, help with budgeting,catering, baking, computer repairs, physiotherapy, crochet/knitting lessons, felt making, aromatherapy , massage, Reiki, dog walking, plant watering, feeding cats/pets, babysitting, drama/theatre workshops, art/drawing lessons, embroidery lesson, running errands, felt making, film making,gardening, guitar lessons, giving a lift, going shopping, companionship, hairdressing, herbal medicine, basic home repairs, decorating, house surveys, advice on rights with landlord, ironing, laundry, jewellery making, leaflet delivery, Spanish lessons, meditation lessons, metalwork, how to set up a neighbourhood group, Personal Development/self esteem sessions, pet care, phone friend, photography, poetry writing, reading lessons, running companion, set building, informal social media lessons, French lessons, Russian lessons, German lessons, admin support, walking companion, woodwork, macrobiotic cooking
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Why I Joined TimeBank

Alex Baglin

I am offering
Hands-on Physiotherapy for sprains and strains, Exercise prescription for individual problems and rehabilitation following illness or injury for the elderly.

I request
Spanish Lessons and Pensions Advice.

I joined TimeBank
...because I think everyone can benefit from swapping skills for time and a better sense of community - and I want more than pizza and chips in Spain next year!


I am offering
Hair Dressing, Companionship and Teenage Mentoring.

I request
Massage, Complimentary Therapy, Gardening and Odd Jobs.

I think TimeBank is
...a great idea especially now many people are strapped for cash. I'm getting involved because I want to contribute to my community and it's great that I can get help too!


I am offering
House Sitting, Shopping, Computer Skills, Errands, Assisting at Events and more!

I request
Design Work, Massage, Piano Lessons, A Walking Companion.

I joined TimeBank I think it is a great tool for bringing communities together and raising people's community spirit. A way of getting people to give their time who wouldn't normally volunteer as TimeBanking is so flexible.

Dave Blackwell
Master Herbalist and Bowen-Therapist.

I am offering
Herbal Medicine and Bowen Therapy.

I request
Guitar Lessons!

I joined TimeBank
...because I want to contribute to the community I live in but I get a lot back including guitar lessons!

Sharon Rudkin

I am offering
Event Organisation, Odd Jobs, House Sitting, Dog Walking, Gardening, Walking Companion, Holiday German

I request
Meditation Classes, Knitting Lessons, Movie Company, Massages, Spanish Conversation

I joined TimeBank
Recovering from a serious illness TimeBank seems a wonderful opportunity to exchange and connect with other people in a very human and pure way and to be able to share the skills and experience we all carry.

How It Works
Jenny helps Enid by doing some shopping. 2 hours. (2 time credits earnt). Enid gives Michelle a knitting lesson. 1 hour. (1 time credit earnt). Michelle gives Adam a hair cut. 1 hour. (1 time credit earnt). Jenny has 1 credit left in the TimeBank and spends it on a yoga class.

For every hour’s help a member gives another, (eg guitar lesson, digging garden, giving a massage), they receive one time credit which they can spend on receiving help from another member (eg fixing a bike, setting up a wifi connection, hanging some wallpaper).

Time credits are banked in the TimeBank using a software package called TimeOnline and the TimeBank timebroker matches up the giver and receiver.

How our TimeBank works...
Completed Help: admin support, knitting lesson, graphic design, help with PPI claim, map reading skills, babysitting, advice and info on community theatre, data inputting, delivering flyers, wreath making workshops, Christmas decoration making workshop, printing workshop, cooking lessons, cooking and serving food for an event, bowen technique for relaxation, web design, massage, one-to-one meditation sessions, filming and editing, upcycling workshop, feeding cats,plant watering, making a blackboard, helping at an event, writing HR policies, advice on health and safety, driving a van and picking up and delivering items,providing a room, hiring a kitchen